Just live to love, dream and hope!

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It was only an “if”

Yet surrounded by people she loved
Overthinking life
And even thinking hers wasn’t enough
What could make her happy she wondered
“If only…”
“If only…”
And so on she went
Miserable until one day
Her heart started beating to the tithing of a melody that whispered loud
Start living the now and not what will it has been
She proudly returned to her safe home


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Yes again, hope

Hope for the best
Hope for what’s lost
As her head troubled and doubted what to do
She feared to live a life of hope
Hope had destroyed her
Yet it’s what is and will be moving her
She runs not in pain
She runs just far away
To a place she will one day call home
To a place where there is hope alone


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Heart shape made from mineral blush

She wanted home

Yet what she got was worse

She ran away to set off her tears

Off away she goes

Three days later she noticed her life was just a blur

The clearest blur shed ever seen

She asked, who I am I

She answered with tears

Who could love this?

Who could take this she asked

Yet her dreams weren’t asleep so they kept her up to beat

As she ran far, far from were she was

She saw her face and new it was divine grace

Arms wide open and hope held high

She ran to her to true home

Now she stands firm

With faith in front of her and stars to catch

Yes dreams to compleete

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Her eyes were her beauty

Happy woman with balloons

Walking around a random place I ran into a beautiful smile

A smile that grabbed my eyes arms and soul

As this smile was a she and had hopes to sell me a product

I looked into her eyes

She said ¨you´re beautiful¨

She took the words out of my mouth and i said the same thing

Realizing she was from Israel i asked a question that might have probably hurt

Imagine the question

she said ¨I wasn’t living, I was surviving¨

Immediately I saw her soul claiming out for a small prayer for her family

Her beauty said everything

Her smile denied every single drop of pain

However her eyes at the same time gave me strength

She’s an angel

Named Shelly in hebrew meaning Im yours

She’s safe her in America

She’s blessed to have such talent to speak

Her honesty and Love for small things

No doubt she will be blessed and greater than now

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There is hope in your eyes that shine
Love in your tears that have come to dry
However did you truly think you died?
One more shot will not kill you
Yet the rest have not
Look up and see the sky and dream bigger
Surround yourself by positive people
Then again, be one
Do not give up
For your eyes are hope for others who try.


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The WHY will not be for now (Email 23)


We often ask ourselves why

therefore know the answer will be ¨what for?¨

Tough times will come

Baby steps will be required to take

Remember to breathe as you´re in this process

remember to say thank you to every smile you see

Once in a while you may smile indeed

Its not that it won’t be over

Its that your building a bridge to cross over

Strength you will have

Yet disappointments will be there (not for long)

Your soul is embracing the capacity to love every moment you live

While your heart is getting together to watch you get over this bridge

Do not give up

For love is on our side