Just live to love, dream and hope!

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There is hope in your eyes that shine
Love in your tears that have come to dry
However did you truly think you died?
One more shot will not kill you
Yet the rest have not
Look up and see the sky and dream bigger
Surround yourself by positive people
Then again, be one
Do not give up
For your eyes are hope for others who try.



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Newsletter July




Hello Everyone!


As all the months of this year, July went by fast. It was a month of sharing and saying goodbye to family and friends and of course continuing fundraising for Regent.

For fundraising a couple of friends did good-bye gatherings and prayed over me as well. This month was a challenging one, which I am sure the rest will be the same or even more. God has placed not only in my heart but also in my soul, mind and spirit this vision of helping my country and to nurture my mind academically.


Good news! I have an address which is 1133 Centerville Turnpike
Room 223
Virginia Beach, VA 23464, this address you can use for letters or anything you would like to share with me! The donations will still be made to SEMILLA INC, Leaders in Training Program

PO BOX 65078


(Including a post it note stating that is for Debora Hernandez)


I want to thank you for your prayers and would love for you to continue doing so, as for this semester is a huge challenge academically, financially and of course getting settled in.


I will continue to send the newsletters monthly from Virginia! And hope to hear from you!







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You Decide

The opportunity each human being gets in a day, in a sunrise, in an hour, second or speed of light. It doesn’t matter what is is we all have it.

We choose life, we decide either to live or throw it away.

Love, where can love lead us to? destruction? amazing wonders? lovely paradises? rotten alleys? either way we choose to live, we choose to love.

Breathing day by day we know there are millions of ideas in our heads, millions of breezes we decide to feel and enjoy. We are often in trouble, usually broken, everyone is now living a life of cruelty, disaster, pain or distruction.

Not everyone.

As stated before, we are given opportunities, we have the ability to decide. Is your heart broken? believe me it is only gathering its pieces together to polish it and make it stronger and better. Did you let everyone down again? there is a day called tomorrow that begins with a sunrise and ends at sunset and in between its where you have the opportunity to fix things. Are you lost? there is a road, you’ve gone out the valley you have problems, well we all do and problems are what make human beings real. Without problems, life would not exist.

On this day to day writting, that we all do or a day to day thinking I can surely detail you in particular each of the things I’ve written above. I’ve been down destroyed and broken, now here I am alive with opportunities and the decisions I’m taking are hopefully the best ones for now.

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Today and Tomorrow

We have 24 hours, 30 and sometimes 31 days a month 365 days a year making it  8.765  hours 58 minutes and 45 seconds that we live each year.  For what I know, for what I have experienced, every second that passes by someone is loving us, you, me, them.
Who is this person? who is this wonderful lover that has the capacity to overcome any obstacle in our lives? We all know deep down it’s God.
My description of God a few years back would have been pretty unpleasent for some, throughout the years and seconds I’ve lived my concept, my understanding of God has changed. It has revolutionized.
Its whenever I feel the wind I feel his love, whenever my tears can’t stop I know he’s there holding them on the palm of his hands waiting for me to heal.
Flowers booming yelling and screaming God’s miracles in their lives as we dont realize we have much more to be grateful for. God as he sees others as no one else does, with a tender heart, a tender spirit.
Love is a gift he gives us to share, to practice and to continue this process throughout life.  The life we have been given, will be lived once, and will be remembered as God wants it to as long as we follow his path and purpose. I feel his tenderness day by day as I walk in faith. Believing is what I need and acting upon it as well.
Pain is always there but with his love and mercy he takes the pain and takes it for a ride for it to never come back. When it does, that’s when I’ve learned that things happen for a reason, and learning from ourselves is like an open treasure if we learn how to see it and live it.
Lets survive, live and hope every day as we share and complete our lives in this wonderful world.