Just live to love, dream and hope!

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There is hope in your eyes that shine
Love in your tears that have come to dry
However did you truly think you died?
One more shot will not kill you
Yet the rest have not
Look up and see the sky and dream bigger
Surround yourself by positive people
Then again, be one
Do not give up
For your eyes are hope for others who try.



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Has this happened to you?


Extremely isolated from the sound of the reaction the body will make, desperately seeking for a window or a blackbird to let her fly. If if if if are all over the panorama the mind is creating. What what what are all these noises, maybe someone crashed in the brain and completely twisted a nerve that made her like that. Who is out there, what is in this spirit that is longing to either escape come out, surrender! Well not today they said! who said? apparently her mind was blown as her spirit hangs over leaning towards her soul to convince her of something unreal or surreal,her eyes were looking what was left of her, as she crawled to the window she longed for, she turned around.

For a second her past attacked, for a minute she looked at it and defeated it with hope with her present seeing out the window, her Future.

Make her free, that is what she longs for in spirit, heart and mind.

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According to some, faith is an easy way to believe.

Yes it is believing. Right now my days are longer and shorter than before. My dreams are becoming true, without knowing all of this couldn’t of happened without a little bit of faith. Now I’m in need of more faith if you could put it that way. I have a partial scholarship to a university that offers great education. This is where my faith comes in, I’m in need of various o a large quantity of thousands of dollars to continue this path i’ve been walking on.

I’ve understood that faith comes from God, comes from an unknown place in my heart spirit and soul. Learning that my faith is God’s too. I believe this dream of mine will become true.

Even if for now I’m walking on not solid ground it feels more like walking on fire but with solid footsteps. why? because of my faith, my believing.

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Que será

Como seres humanos aprendemos a vivir, y para explicarlo mejor aprendemos a sobrevivir en la sociedad que cada quien vive. Estamos expuestos a muchas cosas que lastiman, que alegran, que destruyen, que dan paz y pudiera seguir con una larga lista que este mundo nos da.

Nos enseñan a caminar, y nosotros decidimos el camino a tomar. La vida esta llena de pruebas que algunas las pasamos con calma y otras que atravesamos tormentas. Batallas cada quien las tiene. Luchamos en un mundo sobreviviendo por dentro el dolor y sufrimiento que nosotros mismos pudimos haber evitado. Como anteriormente mencionaba batallas, algunas las ganamos y otras se convierten en enseñanzas a nuestras vidas recordandonos la humildad y que el triunfo siempre llegara.

Porque hablo de tales cosas? Personalmente la vida la veo como un viaje que poco a poco hemos ido descubriendo como respirar y como actuar. Sin dejar de mencionar que la vida para mi es un regalo que si no los disfrutas o lo vives hoy, talvez no habra un mañana para hacerlo. Cada paso que damos es un avance para nuestro ser, cada palabra que sale de nuestra boca le da vida al corazon. Mi vida es hermosa, y decido verla asi. No es perfecta, no tengo todo pero tengo lo que necesito para que mi alma, mente y espiritu este en paz. Tengo el amor de Dios.


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Empezado a sentir el aire rozando mi piel, empezando a sentir la alegria rozar mis venas llegando a mi corazon. La vida que tenemos es infinitamente maravillosa. Si, yo cuento tambien errores, caidas, triunfos, tristezas, sufrimiento, y el respirar como una maravilla de la vida.

Pedimos lo que no tenemos teniendo todo lo que un ser humano puede necesitar, que es el respirar; La vida. No es facil decir ni declarar los sufrimientos o caidas como maravillas, al menos que los veamos como oortunidades para mejorar nuestro vivir y respirar un aire mejor. Un aire fresco que cada mañana renueve nuestro ser.

En luchas y batallas he triunfado, en otras he caido muy bajo, siempre con la frente en alto Dios me ha sacado de mi avismo y mi cueva. He aprendido el significado de la amistad, del verdadero amor y claro aprendido muchisimo de mis errores. Caer y volverse a levantar es algo que pasa en nosotros de una manera sobrenatural. No estuviera viva para escribir esto sino fuera asi.

Le doy gracias a Dios, todos los dias por mi vida, no soy perfecta nadie lo es. Pido por sabiduria y paz. Algo que aprendi a hacer muy tarde, pero para estar bien o restaurarse nunca es demasiado tarde.

Vivir. Lo hare dia a dia, pensando en hoy y como puedo ser hoy una mejor persona. El dia de mañana llegara, y otras maravillas puedan que invadan mi ser.

Respiro ahora el aire de la paz y el amor.

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From another point of view

Suddenly when I look up at the sky, I realize that my dreams are now alive. My dreams are growing and am learning each day how to accomplish them.

My eyes can now see through hearts that are as hard as mine used to be. My hands want to carry them out of their pain and anger and maybe confusion. My steps today are different than yesterday and will improve tomorrow.

Healing exists, I know it does. Its a process we carry on through probably through life but it gets better as time goes by.

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A night like Tonight

My mind is now at silence, away from troubes away from fears. My heart is not beating to the rythim of this melody. A melody that is quiet and at the same time peaceful, bringing everything into ease and calming the stress or pain my soul may carry.

My eyes seem to be creating something that can make my eyes rest tonight, however all my spirit wants is to feel at rest. Wanting my soul peaceful as the stars appear to be, at rest, as the clouds float in the sky bringing nothing but peace and patience to this spirit of mine.