Just live to love, dream and hope!

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There is hope in your eyes that shine
Love in your tears that have come to dry
However did you truly think you died?
One more shot will not kill you
Yet the rest have not
Look up and see the sky and dream bigger
Surround yourself by positive people
Then again, be one
Do not give up
For your eyes are hope for others who try.



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The WHY will not be for now (Email 23)


We often ask ourselves why

therefore know the answer will be ¨what for?¨

Tough times will come

Baby steps will be required to take

Remember to breathe as you´re in this process

remember to say thank you to every smile you see

Once in a while you may smile indeed

Its not that it won’t be over

Its that your building a bridge to cross over

Strength you will have

Yet disappointments will be there (not for long)

Your soul is embracing the capacity to love every moment you live

While your heart is getting together to watch you get over this bridge

Do not give up

For love is on our side

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Just a bit of what your emails wanted

I’ve been asked about this.
Here it is:
There is no such thing as giving up in this world, we’ve lived it or probably just seen it. However believe it. It’s coming that day when you say “I can’t” your soul will Lift your spirit and transform your mind.
Undefeated yet not
Humbled you will be
Remember to love even at their worst
Remember to give when hope is all you have
Disappointment may come along the way, however your head held up high will help
Continue, move forward and learn
Love because we are loved.