Just live to love, dream and hope!

Her eyes were her beauty

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Happy woman with balloons

Walking around a random place I ran into a beautiful smile

A smile that grabbed my eyes arms and soul

As this smile was a she and had hopes to sell me a product

I looked into her eyes

She said ¨you´re beautiful¨

She took the words out of my mouth and i said the same thing

Realizing she was from Israel i asked a question that might have probably hurt

Imagine the question

she said ¨I wasn’t living, I was surviving¨

Immediately I saw her soul claiming out for a small prayer for her family

Her beauty said everything

Her smile denied every single drop of pain

However her eyes at the same time gave me strength

She’s an angel

Named Shelly in hebrew meaning Im yours

She’s safe her in America

She’s blessed to have such talent to speak

Her honesty and Love for small things

No doubt she will be blessed and greater than now


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