Just live to love, dream and hope!

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From another point of view

Suddenly when I look up at the sky, I realize that my dreams are now alive. My dreams are growing and am learning each day how to accomplish them.

My eyes can now see through hearts that are as hard as mine used to be. My hands want to carry them out of their pain and anger and maybe confusion. My steps today are different than yesterday and will improve tomorrow.

Healing exists, I know it does. Its a process we carry on through probably through life but it gets better as time goes by.


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Like there is no Tomorrow


Yes, you are my sunshine you are my sunlight

My sunrise my sunset you are, If I ever fall your light will quickly bring me up, if I’m ever afraid your brightness will shine in my heart.

I make sure I water my heart with your love everyday so I can glow through you, I pray. Indeed I do. I pray for you to shine on me. Let me hear your voice one more time as I stare at your wonders and see the glow of these stars.

If Nature was mine, I’d share it, share the wonders and beauty it does to breathing and healing. I have no idea how I’ve come so far. I deserve nothing, yet have the best. Family, love and God. Life turns things around for us to view it from a different point of view.

My life. Huge other story, that will be posted later on but for now. Enjoy, laugh, dream, most importantly LOVE like there is no tomorrow.

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El porque de la nada

Tratamos de entender el porque de las cosas.

Muchas veces pensamos lo mejor de la situación, haciéndonos sentir mejor y con propósito. Esta vez no es así, ya que hay muchas dimensiones de donde analizar un problema, evento o lo que sea que esta pasando.

Vemos las ventajas, desventajas y claro como nos sentimos en el momento.

Ellos desprecian lo necesario y anhelan lo inútil.

No hay que ver el pasado como tiempo perdido, ya que es donde vivimos experiencias que traen memorias y enseñanzas valiosas.

Pienso en el futuro, y me estreso, se que el presente es donde tengo que vivir.

No dejes atormentarte por cargas del pasado. Se libre, levántate salta y grita, que de ahora en adelante tu seras mi todo.

Siempre hay pensamientos, esta en nosotros convertirlos ya sea en tristeza, alegría, logros o fracasos.