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Newsletter May

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Blessings and Greetings!


So, month of April passed by very quickly and now here we are the month of May!


This past month was a month of faith, a lot of challenges to face, fundraising and gathering local businessmen to donate at least a small amount monthly to complete my goal.


I praise God for his Love and his mysterious ways of working alongside me in this journey! I want to share good news with you and tell you that I was granted the student visa by the U.S.A. embassy! It was a big win!


This month is again all about fundraising and meeting my monthly goals. I will enroll for classes this month and hope to enroll 4 courses with 3 credits each. I will be in Virginia Beach before classes begin since I am an international student and have a tour and orientation that I must attend to I will be there by August 6th.

Everyday is a challenge however everyday is a blessing.  God is teaching me so many things along this journey such as faith.


I ask of you to always keep me in your prayer list so I can be successful.

I have 50% of the funds needed! This is thanks to all of you who have supported me! And have estimated that if 30 people give $50 monthly, or 15 people give $100 monthly, or 8 people $200 monthly I am closer to my goal. Here in El Salvador I am a well keeping the donors informed of this.

Once again, thank you for your support and prayers!




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