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 My Journey to Regent

Hello Everyone!

Blessings from El Salvador! We are now in the month of June and soon it will be July, what I mean to say is that days are going faster than expected!


As I shared with you in the last newsletter, I have already enrolled into 4 courses at Regent. Also I wanted to share that I have the exact amount of money for those 4 courses, which I didn’t before. So I praise God for his miracles and of course your prayers!


This past month, May and June I was a bit concerned about how fundraising was going and as well how my life in Virginia would be. They say its normal once you start a new life! However I have good news, I am honored to say that I will be attending a wonderful church called Western Branch! I´ve shared this news with my family and they are content that I will be attending Sunday services and as well cell groups!


Everything that I have done such as meetings with local businessman and some pastors has gone well. God has given me grace and I pray for wisdom to speak in order to share my vision clearly to them, I again praise God!

I’ve begun to share this project also as the future of El Salvador and have adjusted some of the amounts of dollars a person can give. Now I am including $10.00 $20.00 and $30.00 and of course whatever comes out of the generosity of their hearts. This helped me to see how small things do great things! So my goal this last month is to gather as much as possible donors for my studies at Regent.


Thank you very much for your prayers, as I have learned so much from this new experience of fundraising, which is living by faith and not by sight.

Thank you as well for your words of wisdom and encouragement throughout this journey!





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