Just live to love, dream and hope!

You Decide

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The opportunity each human being gets in a day, in a sunrise, in an hour, second or speed of light. It doesn’t matter what is is we all have it.

We choose life, we decide either to live or throw it away.

Love, where can love lead us to? destruction? amazing wonders? lovely paradises? rotten alleys? either way we choose to live, we choose to love.

Breathing day by day we know there are millions of ideas in our heads, millions of breezes we decide to feel and enjoy. We are often in trouble, usually broken, everyone is now living a life of cruelty, disaster, pain or distruction.

Not everyone.

As stated before, we are given opportunities, we have the ability to decide. Is your heart broken? believe me it is only gathering its pieces together to polish it and make it stronger and better. Did you let everyone down again? there is a day called tomorrow that begins with a sunrise and ends at sunset and in between its where you have the opportunity to fix things. Are you lost? there is a road, you’ve gone out the valley you have problems, well we all do and problems are what make human beings real. Without problems, life would not exist.

On this day to day writting, that we all do or a day to day thinking I can surely detail you in particular each of the things I’ve written above. I’ve been down destroyed and broken, now here I am alive with opportunities and the decisions I’m taking are hopefully the best ones for now.


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