Just live to love, dream and hope!

Has this happened to you?

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Extremely isolated from the sound of the reaction the body will make, desperately seeking for a window or a blackbird to let her fly. If if if if are all over the panorama the mind is creating. What what what are all these noises, maybe someone crashed in the brain and completely twisted a nerve that made her like that. Who is out there, what is in this spirit that is longing to either escape come out, surrender! Well not today they said! who said? apparently her mind was blown as her spirit hangs over leaning towards her soul to convince her of something unreal or surreal,her eyes were looking what was left of her, as she crawled to the window she longed for, she turned around.

For a second her past attacked, for a minute she looked at it and defeated it with hope with her present seeing out the window, her Future.

Make her free, that is what she longs for in spirit, heart and mind.


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