Just live to love, dream and hope!


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According to some, faith is an easy way to believe.

Yes it is believing. Right now my days are longer and shorter than before. My dreams are becoming true, without knowing all of this couldn’t of happened without a little bit of faith. Now I’m in need of more faith if you could put it that way. I have a partial scholarship to a university that offers great education. This is where my faith comes in, I’m in need of various o a large quantity of thousands of dollars to continue this path i’ve been walking on.

I’ve understood that faith comes from God, comes from an unknown place in my heart spirit and soul. Learning that my faith is God’s too. I believe this dream of mine will become true.

Even if for now I’m walking on not solid ground it feels more like walking on fire but with solid footsteps. why? because of my faith, my believing.


One thought on “Faith

  1. no había visto tu nuevo theme! me encanta como lo dejaste… ya aprendiste bien el “pimp my blog!” jajaja! 😀
    Si algo siempre me ha llegado de vos es q vivis la vida sin dejar de lado la fe. es la forma en que yo siempre he pensado y sentido que se debe vivir, conocer a Jesús y ver al Padre atraves de él, vivir así la vida Eterna! 😀 (Juan 17:3) 😉

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