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Fears we don’t understand


We all have fears as we all have emotions. We live in a world where anything can make us  believe that fear is real and following our soul. It doesn’t matter who you are what sex you are we all deep down have fears.

Those fears that don’t let you walk through your day calmly, or drive at peace while in traffic. You may even have fears that the world calls “small fears” such as fear of animals or some room you just cant walk into. Truth is, neither one is bigger than the other, all fears are the same burden to each human being.

In my case my fear is an unknown adventure that I carry through my day to day life. A fear so strong in me that in some cases collapses and takes over my spirit. What will I do, What do I do? I have to know that this fear is smaller than my soul, spirit, mind, it is smaller than me. Therefore why will or why do I let it control me? Easy, we are all humans and we are weak.

What has worked for me, is being truthful not only to others but to myself. Having that said, time and space sometimes do not let me control it even though I am being who I am. Patience and love has cured my heart but fears remain.

Fears will always be in us, will always be around or on our mind probably at all times. Take a moment to evaluate what your fears are and take your lifetime defeating those fears by being honest to yourself, by being patient with your spirit and being open to new healing processes.

I as most readers do or do not, I believe in God. He who takes my fears and transforms them into strengths and new desires, new emotions. He who fills me with courage to face them. Mine are neither small or big as I stated before all fears are the same. All fears are possible to overcome.


7 thoughts on “Fears we don’t understand

  1. Debora, you are an inpsiration to me. I always admire your courageousness when facing fear and distress. Your faith in God is real and good for defeating every foe arising during these days. You have my blessing and love.

  2. Que fasinante tu forma de pensar… Dios te siga regalando sabiduria y mucha inspiracion! ojala algun dia podamos compartir esos hermosos pensamientos ya que también a mi me fasina escribir… mas no me he dado el tiempo…

    Bendicones Deborita!!


  3. Los temores siguiendo el pensamiento de su blog son inciertos,invisibles pero pareciera que los sentímos como las olas fuertes del mar que nos sorprenden pero lo mas significante de los temores es que cuando los enfrentamos somos gigantes ante ellos . Nos volvemos expertos victoriosos en aquellos temores que un día nos asustaron . Y podemos ayudar a otros a vencerlos.

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  5. Interesante, éste no lo había leído. Sos bien reflectiva, me agrada! seguí escribiendo.

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