Just live to love, dream and hope!

Like there is no Tomorrow

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Yes, you are my sunshine you are my sunlight

My sunrise my sunset you are, If I ever fall your light will quickly bring me up, if I’m ever afraid your brightness will shine in my heart.

I make sure I water my heart with your love everyday so I can glow through you, I pray. Indeed I do. I pray for you to shine on me. Let me hear your voice one more time as I stare at your wonders and see the glow of these stars.

If Nature was mine, I’d share it, share the wonders and beauty it does to breathing and healing. I have no idea how I’ve come so far. I deserve nothing, yet have the best. Family, love and God. Life turns things around for us to view it from a different point of view.

My life. Huge other story, that will be posted later on but for now. Enjoy, laugh, dream, most importantly LOVE like there is no tomorrow.


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