Just live to love, dream and hope!

One day in 2007

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Staring at myself, trying to figure out what’s left of me. What’s actually in me and yet realizing what i’ve always ran away from. Trying to ignore it and all I do is ask myself: Will i ever trust again? will I ever rely on someone again? will I ever believe in something? will I ever be able to feel alive?

To live a life that’s truly mine, to live a life where I can have dreams and expectations?

The isolation of my fears or strengths completely drives me away from nature and its reality. Being the one with four walls around me that surrounds my soul allowing nothing to go in or to go out. I’m trying to listen to my heart beat, but somehow I cant listen where there is so much silence.Breathing with so much effort, I look above me and notice there is no sky to reach to and no stars to guide me back to where I was.

I was lost.



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